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My Fear Zapper!

Proven Results

MyFear Zapper has been shown to reduce fear and build confidence in children. It has been tested in two different studies with families across the United States, and by Child Focus, a child services agency in greater Cincinnati. View all research results

54% In normal childhood fears, 54% of parents saw an increase in their child's confidence.
66% In normal childhood fears, 66% saw a reduction is their fear after using MyFear Zapper an average of three times in one-week period.
82% In clinical-level fears, 82% saw a reduction in fear levels after one or a couple of uses.

He said he thinks he can actually see or think about the character now. In his words, “I feel like we are friends. Oh my gosh! It really worked!”

Building Confidence & Zapping Fears

MyFear Zapper teaches children techniques that can apply to any type of fear. Common fears addressed include the dark, monsters, bugs, heights, thunderstorms, getting hurt, and water.

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“MyFear Zapper™ is a great way to help children learn how to deal with fear. In fact, it’s the same type of approach we would use one-on-one – but the addition of interactivity through a technology-based product adds to the appeal, and thus the effectiveness, of the approach.”
Dr. Laura Stith, Psychologist

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See how Scaredy-Cats Bill & Cate learned to overcome fear and earn their new names, Bold Bill & Courageous Cate, in this book written by Natalie, illustrated by Megan!

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Being the Boss of Your Life means you have the self-confidence and self-esteem to face whatever life throws at you.  Wouldn’t that be a great gift to give your child?

You can, with MyFear Zapper ­– a fun, fast way to help build children’s self-confidence by teaching them how to face and handle any type of fearful situation.

Instead of just comforting your child with a Teddy bear, or talking at him or her with a book, why not help them learn simple activities and visualization techniques they can take with them wherever they go? These techniques stay with them at home, school, grandma’s, even college and the workforce.