4 Parenting Tips on Child Safety in the Kitchen

4 Parenting Tips on Child Safety in the KitchenThe kitchen is a wonderful place to be creative. With delicious ingredient and drawers full of utensils at your disposal, a rainy afternoon in the kitchen can be an amazing bonding experience between a parent and a child. Learning to create meals and goodies can be inspiring for a child, but the kitchen also comes with its own set of risks. While some safety precautions in the kitchen may seem obvious, there are others that are often overlooked and could pose potential dangers to little one learning the meaning of fine cuisine along with mom or dad. Here are four tips on child safety in the kitchen that will keep you and your child safe—and keep them cooking for years to come!

1. Keep those sleeves short and pans pivoted

Creating a meal worth bragging about requires a lot of hands-on work. More often than not, you’ll be working with your child around the stove, which means the danger of burns is heightened when you set out to cook with your kids. Without a proper understanding of how dangerous an oven or stove top can be, a burn can happen while cooking with your children faster than you’d imagine possible. An easy way to avoid big burn disasters is to make sure your child always cooks in short sleeves. While it may seem risky to have their skin exposed around heat, this technique will keep your child’s sleeve from snagging on pan handles with hot contents, stove tops or knives sitting on the counter. Additionally, it’s important to keep pan handles turned in towards the stove at all times. A little twist of the handle can keep your child from unnecessary danger when learning to create delicious treats at your side.

2. Consider counter top edging

Those beautiful granite counter tops you just invested in are sure to impress, but they can also be a risky item when it comes to kids in the kitchen. It’s possible that your little one’s head could be at the perfect height to meet a granite counter top corner, and in these cases, even a beveled or rounded edge won’t soften the blow. Consider using removable edging pads on granite counter top corners for the days when the kids rule the kitchen. They are easily found in a variety of colors to accent your counter top’s dazzling palette, and can be removed when kids are ready to graduate on to adult chef.

3. Seal up kitchen safety with sealant

Granite counter tops are perfect when it comes to complete and quality kitchen décor, however, as a natural stone, they are rather porous and tend to absorb moisture over time. If you have small children learning to cook in the kitchen, this can pose a health risk as absorbed moisture potentially turns into harmful bacteria. Always take time to invest in a non-toxic and durable counter top sealant to protect your counters and your kids from germs and general wear and tear.

4. Live with latches

Latches on your kitchen cabinets and drawers are an absolute must when it comes to your kids and their time in this area of the home. It’s essential that cleaning products be inaccessible, as

well as knives and larger appliances like grinders and processors when they are not in by a child and adult together. Latches are an inexpensive and super effective way to protect your kids in the kitchen.

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