Case Studies

Research Results

Case Study 1:  Bailey  (“normal” childhood fears)
Bailey is an extremely bright 9-year-old girl with a fierce imagination.  She developed a fear of mummies that she could not overcome.  This also led to fears of the dark and other things.

During the first session with Bailey, she was asked to visualizing holding a magic sword that would repel the mummies.  After about 20 seconds, Bailey’s eyes popped open and she said, “It worked!”

Bailey returned home that night with her new confidence intact.  She used additional solutions from MyFear Zapper to zap her fear of the dark.  Now, when she goes to bed at night, her mother reminds her to think of the solutions if she begins to get scared.

Bailey’s confidence from MyFear Zapper has held for nine months now.


Case Study 2:  Jacob   (“normal” childhood fears)
Jacob was 10 when he first used MyFear Zapper to become the boss of his fear of the dark.  It was the month of March, and his solution was to protect himself with a circle of light that he drew with his finger.  Jacob was so excited about how well – and quickly – MyFear Zapper worked, that he started to tell everyone about it.  He also learned several other solutions.

In October of that same year, Jacob and his mother were walking down the street.  Jacob saw a scary Halloween costume and stopped dead.  His mother thought, “Oh, no, here we go.”  However, she was thrilled to report that, after about 30 seconds, Jacob looked up at her and smiled, saying, “It’s OK, Mom, I used MyFear Zapper and I’m not afraid at all!”


Case Study 3:  Alana (“normal” childhood fears)
Alana is a four-year-old girl who is “super, duper, super scared” of the dark.  She was given the solution of imagining herself on a cloud, which would protect her from the fear.  After just a couple minutes of working on the visualization, Alana said her fear was practically gone!


Case Study 4:  Zack (“clinical-level” childhood & other fears)
Zack is 10 and had been in counseling about six months when he first used MyFear Zapper.  Zack has many family issues, which also led him to develop clinical-level childhood fears.  Several months into counseling, he developed a crippling fear of zoombies (fast zombies):  he was terrified they would jump out at him at any moment, and he could not talk about this fear or any other issue in counseling.  His counselor says, “Zack was so afraid of zoombies that he would not talk about his fear in session because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about them.  After using MyFear Zapper, he is able to use the positive imagery solutions without using the game, and he bagan to talk about his fear in session.”

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