Empowering Tip: 365 opportunities

It’s 2015! Wow! We were up late & celebrating with Cheerwine (don’t worry – it’s just wild cherry-flavored pop – have you ever tried it? Delicious!) so I’m a bit tired …

And this week, a special treat: my cousin Emily is joining me! You may remember her from previous videos – and she’s going to be helping out with some of our Empowering Tips coming up, since I’m going to be really busy with getting ready for college and all.

So anyway … this week’s quote is actually a New Year’s Resolution I found on my friend Hunter’s Tumblr. Shout out to Hunter, he’s great!

He says, “My resolution is to treat 2015 as 365 opportunities rather than a year.” Isn’t that a great resolution? You can’t expect to have 365 great days. That’s just not how life works.  You need to take each day as it comes.

Why should you make one resolution when you have 365 days to have new opportunities? Everyone has some fails … you can’t ruin your whole year when a day goes wrong – you need to just keep going.

So remember that as you start 2015 – lots of opportunities to make it a great year!

Happy New Year, everyone!

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