Empowering Tip: Bad times help us grow

This week’s quote is by an unknown author – it says, “Life is like a turning wheel:  you can’t always be on the top.  Sooner or later you wind up on the bottom.”

So true!  Some of these quotes are so simple, but sometimes it takes a different perspective to see the wisdom in them.

There is much wisdom in this quote … just look at your life so far.  Just like everyone, you will go through these cycles, where one minute everything is great, you love everything … and then slowly, the wheel turns, and all of a sudden, it seems like everything is going wrong for you.

But you have to have those really bad moments in your life, to balance out the really good ones.  Plus, if we don’t have the bad things, how will we build character?  Instead of thinking of them as “bad” times, think of them as challenges that help us grow.

These help build our character, shape who we are.  Having those “interesting,” and trying, times allows us to more thoroughly enjoy the happier times.  If everything was just a flat plane, nothing would be exciting.

So love your “adventuring” times.  And remember that life is totally fair, because balance is fair.

UPDATE:  Since recording this Empowering Tip, I’ve found some people say this quote is a Filipino proverb.  If you know anything else about it, please let me know!

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