Empowering Tip: Be thankful on Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Today, I don’t have a quote; instead, I wanted to share some thoughts I’m hoping you will find interesting.

So, I’m in the band, I play trumpet. We got to the first ceremony today; a woman spoke, saying how last year, she went home after the Memorial Day ceremony and she turned on the TV. All that was on were cooking shows, talking about cooking great Memorial Day treats. She was very bothered that people were focused on baking treats instead of honoring those who have done so much.

It kind of hit me. She wrote a poem about it, and it really touched me.

It was pouring down rain today – it was a mess! No one wants to march in the rain, and people were complaining: how could they let us march in the rain, why didn’t they cancel, why are they making the band march? It was awful!

I was thinking about it, and realized people really take holidays for granted: Christmas is for presents; Valentine’s Day is for chocolate; New Year’s for alcohol (for adults!); Thanksgiving for food. People don’t think of holidays as anything besides food or gifts.

Memorial Day is a holiday to celebrate those who have protected our country and given their lives. It may be a little late when you watch this, but please take the time to be thankful for all these people who have passed who have done for us – and the people who are going through it right now! Think about their lives. Take a second, appreciate it, be grateful, be thankful. Take a moment and be happy we are safe.

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