Empowering Tip: Count your blessings!

This week’s quote is once again from someone unknown – but that’s OK, because wherever this person is known, he or she is pretty rockin’! The quote is, “Count your blessings, not your problems.”

People are always counting their problems – this and that are wrong. But look at all the good things in your life, count them right now!

People think their problems outweigh their blessings, but I think people take things for granted. Even the little things are blessings – the roof over your head, being able to watch this video on a computer, having had a yummy breakfast. I look around and see so many blessings: I have purple walls, and sunflowers on my shirt!

So stop the “problem contest,” trying to figure out who’s worse off. Let’s have a blessing contest instead, to see who has the most blessings in their life. Finding your problems is negative, and it’s bad for your soul, and your heart, and your life. It leads to hating life, which is wrong, because life rocks.

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