Empowering Tip: Dealing with problems makes you happy

This week’s quote is, “Happiness is not the absence of problems, it’s the ability to deal with them,” from Dr. Steve Maraboli. I’ve quoted Dr. Maraboli before – he’s a life coach and author, and he says really cool things!

Having no problems would mean that people don’t know what it is to be sad, or angry, or to feel hopeless. If we all had no problems, and didn’t know what those things felt like, we would all just be skating through life, perfectly fine – but you have to have your lows to be able to recognize your highs. It’s awful, but it’s the truth. How else can you know true happiness if you don’t know true sadness?

So, happiness is the ability to get over your problems, to get through the issue. Never think that if your life were problemless, that you’d be completely happy all the time. Actually, there is nothing better than succeeding – succeeding makes you feel happy. Get through your problems, deal with them, and then look back and say, “I did it!” What a great feeling!

That’s a new way to look at the word “happiness.” There are lots of different definitions, but I love, and am going to use, this new definition that happiness is the ability to deal with your problems.

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