Empowering Tip: Dream more

This week’s quote is from Dick Enberg, a famous sportcaster: “The saddest thing that can happen in a life is to under dream.” As it seems I always say, this is so true – but then, I pick these quotes for reasons; they have meaning, and they are worth taking advantage of.

Many people won’t dream big, they feel it’s not worth it – but what’s the harm in dreams? Nothing’s impossible. People may think that a lot of things are impossible; but really, are they? We’ve walked on the moon; and symbolic of tomorrow, Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream – a big one, and it came true.

Don’t let fears bring you down or keep you from doing something. Don’t live your life sadly; don’t look back years from now and wish you would have gone after your dreams. Take that risk now – dream a little bit more.

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