Empowering Tip: Every day is a second chance

This week’s quote is pretty darn simple:  it says, “Every day is a second chance.”  And you know what?  Every day IS a second chance!

You know, I can be a hypocrite.  I give you guys all these inspirational quotes to live by, yet I have not been living by them myself.  I went back and watched a bunch of videos, and thought, “Wow, I’m giving these guys all kinds of advice, but I’m not even helping myself.”  And that’s not OK.

If I’m going to try to be here to help you, I need to be taking my own advice.  So, every day is a second chance.  It’s a new day to make something better, to start something over, to fix something.  And I’m going to start living by that.

Because right now, I don’t.   But I can fix the things that are wrong in my life – slowly, maybe, but I can do it.  So why don’t I?  Beats me!

So for the future, I’m writing this on my “thought wall,” where I keep quotes and snippets of poetry and other things I’ve written … and I’m going to write this up there, and look at it every day.  So why don’t you, also, write this in your journal or put it on your bulletin board – wherever you put those inspirational thoughts that help you through the day … and please, take this advice to heart:  EVERY day IS a second chance.

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