Empowering Tip: Find fun in the ordinary

Today, instead of a quote, I have a “lesson,” and I’ve got a special guest to help me with it!

This … this is my cat, Amie! She’s … I don’t know how old – but she absolutely loves to play. Because of that, we’ve bought her all kinds of toys, and even considered getting her a little playset. But what she loves more than anything we’ve bought her is crumpled-up pieces of paper, random wrappers, boxes, paper bags, hair scrunchies (which she swallows – she can’t have those any more)… She has so much fun with these simple things we already have around the house.

So what does this mean? She has more fun with the simple things than with the things we spend money on, things that are “made” for her. Think about what we can learn from her – why do we have to go and spend money, when we can find all kinds of ways to enjoy ourselves with things we already have?

Sure, buying things is fun, being materialistic can be cool – but instead, why not just get a box? Appreciate the things we have around us, find fun in the ordinary.

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