Empowering Tip: It’s OK to not be perfect

Hi guys! Today’s quote is sort of a quote … it’s one of those going around the Internet these days. It says, “Remind yourself that it’s OK to not be perfect.”

I feel like a lot of people can really connect with this one. Society today seems to be holding us to the standard that we at least have to look like we’re doing everything perfectly.

That’s a pretty high standard – and we have to realize it’s OK to not be perfect! This makes me a bit of a hypocrite, because I often feel this way … but remember, living a life of not being perfect means living a life of never being satisfied. If you’re always trying to be perfect, you’ll never be happy with yourself.

Instead, try to find something to be happy about with yourself and your life. It sounds simple, but I know it’s not. So just keep telling yourself: It’s OK to not be perfect. It’s OK to not be perfect.

So go and live a life that’s not perfect. Make mistakes. Live life.

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