Empowering Tip: Keep that towel on your shoulder

This week’s quote says, “Don’t base your decisions on what’s easy; base them on what is worth the struggle.”  I’m not sure who said it, but I found it on DaveWillis.org, which is a great site!

Here at MyFear Zapper, we’re all about helping you live your life without fear … helping you live your life, period.  Hopefully these tips will give you a little different outlook on life.

So many people just take the easy route.  It may be an OK ending; the reward is fine.  But another road may be slightly bumpier, slightly rockier – but the reward is greater.  Is it worth it to go the easy route, or go bumpier and get something that really matters to you.

It won’t always be easy to go where your passion is.  You may have to stick up for yourself … there will probably be obstacles.  But you can’t just throw the towel down and say, “I quit!” if it’s something that means a lot to you.

So keep that towel on your shoulder.  If it is important to you, then the struggle will be worth it in the end.  And it’ll be a great learning experience.

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