Empowering Tip: Live life for you

Hi guys! Once again, I don’t have a quote, but more of a concept: “Live your life for you.”

I know this seems pretty basic, but actually, how many of us really do this? Society tells us we need to be a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way or we won’t fit in, we won’t get jobs, and so on. People take that and change so others will like them … and it becomes a vicious cycle of humanity, and it just needs to stop.

How is it going to stop? By one person at a time accepting who they are, living their lives for themselves… and then accepting others around them. The stereotypes have to stop. We all need to accept each other, no matter how we’re “labeled.”

We’re teaching the “little ones” – the next generation – that to be yourself is not OK. We tell our kids they have to meet society’s standards, when in reality, WE are society! We can change this!

I have very intense feelings about this subject; it’s not easy to change, but it can be for the little ones who do not yet know what’s going on. We’re being selfish, subjecting the generation to come to what we feel is right. We need to fix it, now! It’s time to start trying.

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