Empowering Tip: Lose the word “can’t”

Hi everybody!  It’s Natalie again – sorry I missed last week, but I’m back now.

This week’s quote comes from someone kinda famous … you may know him … Walt Disney!  He was such an inspiration, and I just love this quote!  He said, “Whether you say you can’t, or you can, you’re right.”

Pretty straightforward, right?  Basically, it’s all about attitude.  You just have to have the right attitude to get things done.  If you don’t think you can do something – you can’t.  But if you look at something and say, “Wow, I can do that!” well, then you can.

We don’t like the word “can’t” here; we like the word “can.”  You can, I can, we can!  You can, you will, you will succeed.  Just go and try something.

I never want to hear you say the word “can’t” again.  And I won’t use it, either!

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