Empowering Tip: Try getting involved in the arts

Hi everyone! This video comes to you from New Orleans – my favorite city! So, I thought I’d talk to you about New Orleans, because some people have recently asked what makes this place so special to me.

New Orleans is a place where I feel comfortable because everybody’s heart and soul is on their sleeve. I came hoping to get a lot of inspiration for writing. Everything is so dramatic – in the French Quarter, people are reading tarot cards, there are all kinds of amazing restaurants, music is everywhere. Every single person is “out there,” from those putting up paintings on the street, to people playing their instruments, to people sitting there writing – like me. Everybody has their heart and soul on their sleeve, and everybody is trying to communicate with everybody else.

That’s the beautiful thing about art. With other things, you don’t always get to see that person’s mind – where with art, it’s laid out there right for you, you see what that person’s going through. A person singing, you can feel his or her pain; a person writing, it’s like a whole layout of “Hey, here’s what I’m thinking;” a person painting is saying, “Let’s communicate my feelings today.” It’s real.

I don’t even know what this message is, but I really wish people would get more involved in the arts. Some see it as a cop-out or something for some reason, but it’s a true way to communicate. I know a lot of people, a lot of kids, feel like they can’t communicate these days, they have to hide – and that’s just awful. So get involved in art – maybe try writing, even get a diary, or get a sketchbook, or some paints, or pick up singing or an instrument. Try expressing yourself.

I know for me, it takes a load off my mind when I don’t know what I need to say, but somehow I can still communicate it through writing or music. It helps to have somebody understand me, even if it’s just the paper, or just the song. So there you go – these are some new & different ideas and ways to communicate. Will you give it a try?

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