Empowering Tip: When one thing goes right, your day is made

This week, I don’t have a quote, but I do have an idea from an article that I really connected to.  The article talked about two concepts: the attitude pre-war, and the attitude post-war.

Pre-war, the attitude was, “When one thing goes right, the day is made.”  Post-war, this became, “When one thing goes wrong, the day is ruined.”

We live in a post-war society.  One thing doesn’t go as planned, and all of a sudden, the day is bad – all because of one thing.  Kind of silly, right?

We are raised to believe that doing something “wrong” is bad.  We are raised to believe it’s not OK to make mistakes.  No matter how many songs we sing about mistakes and about life getting better and how it’s OK – we still don’t believe it. If we did, we’d be able to say, “That’s OK, next time I’ll do better.”

Instead, we beat ourselves up for our mistakes.  Yet as humans, we are made to make mistakes.  We are made to learn, and you cannot learn if you don’t make mistakes, because if you don’t make mistakes, there’s nothing to learn!  Isn’t that kind of hypocritical, to live in a society believing that if you make a mistake, your day is ruined?

Why not try living in the pre-war state of mind, where we accept that we will make mistakes, that things won’t go as planned – but when one thing goes right, when one thing is good, when it makes us smile, it’s a successful day.

Smiling and laughing are important.  Why not try smiling and laughing every day – not the fake stuff, but the real, belly-shaking laughs, the goofy grins … the ones that you mean.  Count them.  Count the butterflies in your stomach, how many times you get anxious about something good that’s going to happen.

Why not count those up, and then say it was a day well-made?  A day where you felt all those things, even though you made mistakes, even though things went wrong.  After all that’s how life is, because we’re humans.

Maybe we should try it.

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