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If you learn how to face your fears & challenges when young, you’ll carry that skill with you all your life
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This letter to the children of our world is part of the Bloggers for Peace program’s July Peace Challenge.

My dear children,
As I look ahead to your future, I see so much opportunity.  Every generation faces a “brave new world” their parents often don’t recognize; the same is true for you.  This new world is smaller than ever, with technology allowing you to connect and communicate with a click, opening opportunities and vistas your forebears could only write about in science fiction novels.  You will be able to travel your own path, build your own road, express yourself in ways your parents never had the chance to explore.

But how do your parents and teachers help you develop for this life of which they have only a glimmer?  All they can do is work to prepare you for whatever you face by giving you the skills that transcend all times and places:  the facility to think, to question, to create, to accomplish.  With these abilities, you will have the competence to adapt to the shifts you encounter, making your own opportunities to feed and cultivate your passions.

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If you have the confidence to face your challenges, you can achieve your dreams
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This, of course, is not an easy feat… for before you can develop the capacity to probe, to challenge, and to change, you must have confidence.  And confidence is often elusive, shifting as we grow and have to face the big, scary world.

And that is where I hope to help.  The basis of confidence is having the tools you need to help you brave your challenges.  For while some would argue that confidence is innate, something we’re born with, I’d argue it’s either strengthened or eroded with each step you take in your lives.  As you face each new experience and challenge, you either learn you are capable, or you internalize the belief that you are “frauds,” somehow blundering through and succeeding despite yourselves.

Yes, unfortunately, it’s true.  Many highly successful people out there do not really believe in themselves.  Deep-down, they wonder how they got where they are – and when the rug will be pulled out from under them.  Their lives are fitful as they seek to find their way; peace is elusive.  It’s heartbreaking to me to see these people struggling when they don’t have to, when they have the ability inside if they could just tap in and understand it.

And this, my children, is something I wish at the very core of my being to help you overcome.

I can’t take away your fears; no one can do that.  You will face fears of one sort or another all your life.  As you handle one situation, a different test will arise – that is part of reaching for your dreams, of growing and developing.  But what I can do is provide tools to help empower you and make it easier to face those challenging circumstances and master the reticence you feel as you face them.

This, then, is my gift to you:  I will help you focus on facing your challenges with aplomb; provide you with tools to help you understand that, if you do not succeed, you are still capable and worthy; and help you develop the ability to overcome any fear, so it does not paralyze you but instead reinforces just how competent you are.  With this, I hope you will seek your dreams, whatever they may be, and give back to the world, making it a better place.

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If we can empower our children, we can change the world
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Can you imagine, my dear children, what this could look like?  If we had a world full of children who grow to believe in themselves, to pursue their passions, to fulfill their highest dreams?  A world where people know they are able to face and overcome their demons?  Can you imagine the increase in peace this would bring?

You grow every day; I watch you, and I watch as you struggle with trials the world hands you.  But I also watch as you internalize what I teach you and learn that you truly can do it.  And as you continue to grow, I hope your confidence will also serve as a beacon for others.  Show them this is something they, too, can achieve; help them find the peace assurance and accomplishment can bring.

It is in this way that I hope to bring my own little piece of peace to the world.

MyFear Zapper

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