Is your child afraid of fireworks?

Beautiful fireworks explode in the sky

Fireworks are beautiful, but they can be a source of fear for children.
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On Thursday, people all over the United States will be celebrating our country’s birthday by looking to the sky in awe as fireworks explode above us.  Even though we may understand the mechanics behind these “sky blossoms,” the details of how pyrotechnics mix gunpowder and chemicals to create such beauty still can seem like magic.

But did you know that fireworks can also be extremely scary for children?  The very loud, often percussive booms can be a source of fear, as can the idea of “fire in the sky.”


Fireworks sometimes look like "fire" to children

To children, fireworks sometimes look like “fire” that will rain down and burn them.

This year, you don’t have to miss the festivities.  Instead, help your child overcome his or her fear of fireworks before Thursday evening, with help from MyFear Zapper.

As a “birthday present” to the U.S., we are offering 50% off any account opened in the next three days.  If your child is afraid of fireworks or loud noises, or if you want to pre-empt any reaction you worry your child may have, please try the system out for only $14.98 for the year.  If you take your child through the system several times over the next few days, s/he will learn powerful tools to keep in a fear-fighting arsenal, allowing him/her to find the joy in fireworks that the rest of your family experiences.

Sign up here using code HAPPYBIRTHDAYUS for your 50% off.  This code is good through Friday, July 5 to also help those kids who discover a fear of fireworks on Thursday night.

If you’d like more information on how MyFear Zapper works, read some testimonials from parents whose children have found relief from fear.  Also, this video of Bailey is adorable and shows how quickly MyFear Zapper can work – we worked with Bailey personally and saw her take her first (huge) step in conquering her fear in less than five minutes with MyFear Zapper!

If you’re ready to get started, sign up here with code HAPPYBIRTHDAYUS for 50% off.

Happy Birthday, United States, and Happy Fear Fighting, kids everywhere!

About MyFear Zapper

MyFear Zapper is an interactive online system that helps children build self-confidence by teaching them how to face & overcome any type of fearful situation. It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive imagery techniques to teach kids their minds are more powerful than their fears.
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