It’s National Face Your Fears Day!

happy childThe second Tuesday of October is National Face Your Fears Day. While mostly geared toward adults who have overcome a fear – such as seeking a better job, flying on a plane, or moving on to a new relationship – children should be included in this important achievement as well.

If we as adults had been able to learn at a young age how to face our fears and “go for it,” think how much easier our lives would have been. Fear doesn’t go away – but the fear of facing your fear can.

That’s what we strive to do with MyFear Zapper. By teaching our children simple yet extremely powerful techniques for facing your fear, we are able to show them how to be the BOSS of the fear. These techniques will be carried with them throughout their lives. So, no matter what age they are, no matter what the fear is – they will be able to face the situation with confidence and “go for it!”

Read more about National Face Your Fears Day here:

About MyFear Zapper

MyFear Zapper is an interactive online system that helps children build self-confidence by teaching them how to face & overcome any type of fearful situation. It uses cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive imagery techniques to teach kids their minds are more powerful than their fears.
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