Research Results

Case Studies

MyFear Zapper has been tested in both quantitative research with families across the United States, and qualitatively with a child services agency in the Greater Cincinnati area.

Quantitative Research:  Results are from children aged 3-14 who experienced normal (i.e., non-clinical level) childhood fears.  Results were reported by the parents after using MyFear Zapper an average of three times in a one-week period.

  • 66% saw a reduction in their fear; 44% saw a significant reduction
  • On a scale of 1-10 (1 = not scared at all, 10 = severely scared), the average percentage of fear reduction was 39%
  • There was a 65% reduction in the number of children rating their fear “severe” (level 8, 9 or 10)
  • 54%of parents saw an increase in their child’s confidence
    • 47% of parents felt their child was more confidence in facing the fears they focused on
    • 7% said their child was somewhat more confident in all or most aspects of life


Qualitative Research:  In this study, a child services agency in the Greater Cincinnati area evaluated MyFear Zapper with their patients, who experienced a variety of clinical-level fears.  Some of these fears were “imaginary” fears (i.e., the dark, monsters, etc), while some came from real-life situations.  22 children participated in this small-scale study.

  • 82% saw a reduction in fear levels after one or a couple uses
  • Average fear reduction (on a 1-10 scale as defined by the therapist) was 27%
    • Reduction in level of “imaginary” fear was average 32%
      • Zoombies (fast zombies):  80% reduction (Level 10 to 2)
      • Dark:  60% reduction (Level 10 to 4)
      • Monsters:  50% (Level 10 to 5)


  • Average reduction in “real-life” fear (i.e., abusive parent, people, pain/sadness) was 20%.  In these situations, children are learning how to control the panic response associated with the situation.
    • Abusive parent:  30% (Level 10 to 7)
    • A specific person:  33% reduction (Level 6 to 4)
    • Pain/anxiety/sadness:   (Level 9 to 7)

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