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MyFear Zapper teaches children techniques that can apply to any type of fear.  Some of the more common fears addressed include the dark, monsters, bugs, heights, thunderstorms, fear of getting hurt, and water.

The following are statements from parents who have used MyFear Zapper with their children.  These are just a few of the hundreds of success stories we have seen!

Zapping fear

“He said he thinks he can actually see or think about the character now.  In his words, “I feel like we are friends.  Oh my gosh!  It really worked!”

“It helped her see she is in control of what scares her.  She can change how she feels about something.”

“He really absorbed the visualization exercises. He discussed other ways he has tried to overcome his fears.”

“She felt less afraid after the program told her to be strong and crush the fears.”

“It has provided valuable tools to help him actively deal with the fear.  “Picturing” was helpful for him… Another activity he found helpful was when he stomped around, shouting, “Go away, fear!”

“Initially, my child would scream and become nearly hysterical at the site of bugs. She now is able to calmly kill the bug herself. She continues to be somewhat afraid of bugs, but not to the point that she is nearly paralyzed. She feels good about herself that she is able to face the bugs more calmly.”

“I could never leave my son alone in the dark for a moment. A week after using the Fear Zapper, my son told me it would be all right if I left him in the dark for a few minutes – to go get him water. He said, “Remember Mommy, I did the Fear Zapper. I’m not afraid of monsters anymore.” He is not 100%, like he would like to believe, but he’s come a LONG way!”

“I think that it helped him even to put a name on the fear that he was facing, as he had never told me or anyone about it before. He seems more relaxed about the idea that if he becomes sick or injured that we will be able to help him.”

“He used to wake every night and call for someone to come sleep with him because he was scared of the dark, or monsters (sometimes both).  Now it less frequent.”

“He isn’t so obsessed with making sure the door is locked and doesn’t seem so fearful of someone breaking in the house.”


Building confidence

“It made my son more confident and less fearful of heights.”

“She is much more confident in the dark, employing the solutions presented to her within MyFear Zapper.”

“He is more confident with his fear because of the sillier solutions.”

“After using MyFear Zapper, my daughter began to talk with more confidence. She seemed a little louder and her statements did not seem like a question any more.”

“He is more confident.”

“This website showed my child a way to cope with his fears, and it helped him to be more confident about facing his fears in general.  He still wants to be in denial about some of his fears that I have noticed him struggling with, but having a way to face his fear has helped him see that he can overcome it, and that has built confidence in him.”

“As a mature eleven-year-old, my child appreciated Courageous Cate’s explanation of fear being a feeling that can be conquered. Once aware of this, she realized that she was the one in control: she did not have to allow fear to overcome her; instead, she could stand up to it and “zap” it. The various games allowing her to envision situations in which her fear was defeated helped her build confidence.”

“This activity allowed him to gain more confidence in facing his fears.”

“We went up on the Space Needle and my son was not at all afraid after doing the Fear Zapper three times. He would have never gone up in the elevator, much less go to the edge of the look off. He was much more confident and easier to agree.”

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