Tips for Halloween

Halloween must be right around the corner because candy and costumes have filled the stores.

Costume Ideas

You may be feeling the pressure to spend money on this year’s “trendiest” costumes, but instead why not create it yourself.  Ask you child about their choice and then let them help with making it out of items you already own.

You need to take the weather into consideration when choosing a Halloween costume. Remember that during this time of the month, the temperate can drop dramatically so you need to make sure that your Halloween costume is warm enough.

In October, rain is very likely so just make sure to dress yourself and your kids

halloween tips

accordingly. Maybe you can incorporate a cute rain boot in their costume.

Checkout Martha Stewart’s 46 Homemade Kids Costume Ideas.

Or Parenting’s 35 Cheap Homemade Costumes.

Safety & Supervision

It’s not adviseable to let your kids go trick-or-treating around the area unsupervised. If they’re heading out in a bigger group, make sure there is always at least one parent or guardian accompanying them. Coordinate this with the other parents in your area.

Before heading out, brief your children on road safety. Statistically more children are hit by cars on Halloween than any other time, talk to your children about the dangers. While having so much fun it’s easy to forget to look out for cars and cyclists. It can also be harder to spot approaching danger in the dark.

  • Follow your children around, whether they like it or not.
  • When the children knock on the door to get a treat, stand behind them on the porch. That way the kids are free to enjoy themselves, and the person opening the door can clearly see an adult is caring for these children.
  • Provide each child with a wristband with your name and cell phone number. Or, write this information on a piece of paper and place it in each child’s pocket.
  • Remind them to not get near cars or into cars without your express permission.

And here is a great video from CBS on costume safety.

Simple steps can ensure that Halloween is fun, safe and not too expensive.

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