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Reviews & News

Testimonials from Counselors

Dr. Laura Stith, Psychologist

“MyFear ZapperTM is a great way to help children learn how to deal with fear.  It’s the same type of approach we would use one-on-one – but the addition of interactivity through a technology-based product adds to the appeal, and thus the effectiveness, of the approach.”

Dr. Beth Beilstien, Clinical Psychologist

“I chose to use MyFear Zapper with my client because it was fresh, fun, new and exciting.  It’s a very engaging, fun way for kids to overcome specific fears.”

Counselor testimonial

Boy, age 10; Fear reduced from Level 10 to Level 2 after a few uses.

“He was so afraid of zoombies [fast zombies] that he would not talk about his fear in session because he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about them. After using MyFear Zapper, he is able to use the positive imagery solutions without using the game, and he began to talk about his fear in session.”

Counselor testimonial

Boy, age 9; Fear reduced from Level 10 to Level 4 after 2 uses.

“He was having nightmares and having a lot of sleep disturbances.  We had tried other techniques to address this issue, but they did not seem to be working. I thought this would be an interactive way he could address his fear of the dark and also utilize it at home prior to bed.”

Counselor testimonial

Girl, age 9; Fear reduced from Level 10 to Level 5 after 1 use.

“MyFear Zapper was beneficial for this girl to manage her anxiety outside our sessions.”

Counselor testimonial:

Girl, age 14; Fear reduced from Level 9 to Level 7 after 1 use

“I like the positive imagery in the MyFear Zapper system. It provides her with another coping mechanism to manage her fear.”

Research Results

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Case Studies

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Testimonials from Parents

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Press Releases

“My three-year-old daughter loved MyFear Zapper! Her fear of monsters was significantly better after just three uses. I thought all the pieces of the program were extremely helpful.”
Olivia O.

“My daughter has been afraid of the dark for over a year and half. After using MyFear Zapper, the fear has gotten better.”
Yaseen N.