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We offer three subscription levels. Pick the one that suits you and your family!

The MyFear Zapper program is designed to help your child build self-confidence by learning to face any type of scary situation. It currently works on computers but not tablets (we’re working on that!). You’ll create your parent account (free), then choose a subscription for your child account. We offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

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“This morning, my 8 year old stated he was over his fear [of bugs]!! It came out of the blue and I was shocked, but he said that he went upstairs by himself, and when he got scared (and thought there were bugs) he said out loud the things we had done with MyFear Zapper, and now he can go places he would otherwise have been scared of running into bugs!”
Chi-Chi C.“I think it worked great and made a noticeable difference.”
Prathibha S.