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Help your child overcome fear

Fear is normal. But some fears can be too much. Empower your child to face and conquer fearful situations.

MyFear Zapper provides a fun and fast way to help build children’s self-confidence by teaching them how to face and handle any type of fearful situation. It combines proven exercises with your child's creativity!

What is it?

  • An online interactive game
  • Based on cognitive-behavioral therapy and positive imagery techniques – the same techniques counselors use
  • Teaches your child his or her mind is more powerful than their fear

How it works:

MyFear Zapper™ has translated verified psychological approaches based on cognitive-behavioral therapy into an interactive electronic game format. These techniques help your child understand their mind is more powerful than their fear, which helps them face and handle that fear.

of children aged 3-14 saw a reduction in their fear; 44% saw a significant reduction.
of parents saw an increase in their child’s confidence. 47% of parents felt their child was more confidence in facing the fears they focused on.

What people are saying:

“He isn’t so obsessed with making sure the door is locked and doesn’t seem so fearful of someone breaking in the house.”
“I could never leave my son alone in the dark for a moment. A week after using the Fear Zapper, my son told me it would be all right if I left him in the dark for a few minutes – to go get him water. He said, “Remember Mommy, I did the Fear Zapper. I’m not afraid of monsters anymore.” He is not 100%, like he would like to believe, but he’s come a LONG way!”