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What You Get

The illustrations below show the type of interactions your child will have when using MyFear Zapper.  The process is simple but involves several steps.  After doing one or more exercises, your child can play the four included games to reinforce the learning.

Once practiced, these exercises can be done anywhere, any time!  Since they are visualization techniques, the computer is not needed.  Talk with your child about the techniques and see which ones really resonate.  Then, if a fear begins to arise, engage your child in doing the exercises right then and there, before the fear takes hold.  In that way, your child can gain control of the fearful emotions, helping calm the fear.

The system is designed for children ages 3-7; however, children as old as 14 have found significant help from using MyFear Zapper, as the exercises are applicable to any age.

  • 1. Create your Parent Account and Child/ren’s Account/s by answering a few short questions. Have your child log in and get started!
  • 2. Your child will enter and rate one fear at a time. Courageous Cate or Bold Bill will walk her or him through the process in a friendly and easy-to-understand manner.

  • 3. Start Zapping! Explore the tools and tricks that will help your child learn how to conquer any type of fear. Your child can…
    • Follow the steps to Visualize, Zap and Reflect.

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 17.24.04

    • Create a critter and play games.

    • Learn more about solutions and fear itself.

  • 4. After several uses, your child will begin carry the exercises internally – no computer needed!  The exercises will be there, ready to tap into and calm fears whenever needed.

Most children find MyFear Zapper starts helping very quickly – sometimes in just one session. Usually, children need at least three sessions in a short time (no more than a week) to start seeing a difference.

For your first session with MyFear Zapper, plan on at least 10 minutes for your child to learn the process. It may take less time, and of course, spend as much time as desired playing the games! After going through the technique portion once, it will be about a five-minute process.

“This morning, my 8 year old stated he was over his fear [of bugs]!! It came out of the blue and I was shocked, but he said that he went upstairs by himself, and when he got scared (and thought there were bugs) he said out loud the things we had done with MyFear Zapper, and now he can go places he would otherwise have been scared of running into bugs!”
Chi-Chi C.

“I think it worked great and made a noticeable difference.”
Prathibha S.